A poem: File. New chapter.

If only life was as simple as "File" "New"

I like to think of blank pages

As expecting

Waiting even, to be filled

Like a puppy waits for belly rubs

Or a child waits for praise

How we all wait for the weekend

So a blank page waits for ink pens

And I wait for a blank page

I want to show the world what I can do

What I can build from a clean slate

If only life was as simple as "File" "New"

New city.

New job.

Something still isn’t right

Same me

Same far away dreams

Same swimming upstream

And with the clouds coming in

The new town now a familiar scene

Looking like that old town

The one I left behind

Retelling stories I hoped would die

The stares and smirks

The moment I knew

This isn’t going to work

I was drowning in shallow waters

0 and 10

Life for the win

That’s it, new city new job, again

And as she always has

Wisdom cries in the street

Like a toddler dancing

So used to ooh-ing and ah-ing

That no one’s really listening

But I stop

I stopped with the oohs and the ahs

I stopped with the I knows

The I’m an adults

And the I got its

I quit

I stopped and listened

Taking mental notes

That became life lines

Thrown in the raging sea of life

To keep me afloat

Suddenly I don’t need

A new job or new city

And life seems as simple as

File. Stop.

New. Listen.

New chapter.


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