BLOGmas day 1: My wish list.

On Thanksgiving my dad asked me what I wanted for Christmas and it actually caught me off guard. I hadn’t thought about it, but since then I haven’t stopped building this invisible list, only to take things off, and add more items. So to kick-off BLOGmas, I will share my Christmas wish list!

1. Gloves. I’ve been wanting a good solid pair of gloves that didn’t come from the dollar store. Three words come to mind: sleek, everyday, warm. This is the practical option that I could’ve brought years ago, just haven’t gotten around to. So, dearest dad, if you’re reading this. I would like gloves for Christmas. That is my final answer and I (probably) won’t change it, again.

2. An online course. Next summer, I will be travelling to Kenya to shoot a documentary. As the summer approaches, I will be blogging more details. For now, I’m hoping to get into an online course on how to make a documentary. This one, I will probably have to get myself, but it’s a great conversation starter, right?

3. Read my blog. The truth is I have more than I need as it is. This list could be a lot longer, but I’ve been trying to make space on my shelves for months, I am out of room under my bed, and don’t get me started on my closet. So, if you’re reading this, thank you. It means a lot to me.

Blog time!

One of the reasons I started this blog is because I wanted to encourage people to chase their dreams. I find that a lot of people are on the fence about whether or not they should quit a job to follow their dream. I used to be one of them. During undergrad, I met this couple that told me “if you don’t build your dream, you’ll spend your time building someone else’s.” If that quote was a human, I was Dracula. I mean I really ran with it. I would go on to repeat the quote to many others and make the declaration "I'll never work for anybody!" Then graduation came, quickly. I got a full-time job and before I knew it, I was on that fence. For too long, I felt torn.

It's time to get off the fence.

By “get off the fence,” I don’t mean choose one. I mean stop feeling like you have to choose to between working a “9 to 5” or following your dreams. Stop feeling like these are your only choices. You can build the life you want, whether you work full-time or start your own business. Contrary to popular belief, you can make your own rules.

I got off that fence, because I realized I had more options. The choice I made was to believe in myself. That’s the option that can’t be folded up into a pretty package and shipped worldwide. But that’s what my blog is about. Believing in yourself could be starting your own business or finding a career that you’re passionate about. For me, it’s looking for opportunities to do what I love, whether it’s an open mic night or starting a blog. It also looks like taking an online course to learn how to make a documentary, because film school is not an option for me.

No matter what life brings, I hope you never give up on yourself. Thank you again for reading my blog. Check back during BLOGmas! Subscribe to see a new post every day until the 25th!

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