BLOGmas day 14: The perfect gift.

Christmas is the time where we give gifts. My family does a secret Santa every year for the kids. All the kids pick names on Thanksgiving. Then, after we're all stuffed from Christmas dinner, gifts start getting passed around. I miss it now that I'm older and no longer in the runnings, but it used to be my favorite part of Christmas. Now, when the gifts start getting passed around I don't really expect anything. Seeing the kids open their gifts is another level of joy.

As a matter of fact, seeing the kids period is a joy. Every one of them and their little personalities. Seeing so many of my family members. The one who shows up fashionably late, missing dinner and almost dessert. The one who I barely see during the year. The one who's moved away and I haven't seen in years. The one who had a difficult year, but still managed to make it through with a smile and a pan of chicken for everybody. The one who came after work, uniform and all. The one who is always down to play Phase 10 or Uno. The one I see all the time, but I'm still glad to see them. The one who gives the best hugs.

Maybe you spend Christmas with friends or house hopping between friends and family. However you spend the day, just remember to be there. Show up. Put your phone down. Laugh as much as possible. Give the biggest hugs you can muster up. Be present, because your presence is someone's gift.

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