BLOGmas day 4 🎄

The National Christmas Tree

I set out to see the National Christmas Tree on a Sunday night. After eating dinner and setting out my clothes for work in the morning, I googled "National Christmas Tree," hit "Directions" on Google maps, and went on my way. It was a smooth drive into DC, as I expected. No stop and go traffic, like you would see on a Friday or Saturday night. No partygoers, lounge guests, and club hoppers stuffed in Ubers ready for a good time. Only families and couples, being patient with those who showed alone, like me. I walked into so many pictures and blocked so many views. By the time I realized it, I was only met with understanding smiles and eyes that said "it's okay, it's Christmas time."

I must've arrived and left with this couple, because every time I stopped, they were right there. When I moved on to find the next good view, they walked beside me, in their own world. They were an older couple, not lost in each other's eyes, just lost in each other. They were a team. I could tell by the the way he kept her from being pushed around by rushing families, trying to get to the next thing. The way she spotted good spots and without words, they would wait together, patiently, for them to open. When I was done, or should I say we since we were done at the same time, though we went our separate ways. I trekked back to my car beside another family as they did roll call. Making sure, they had not left anyone behind. I looked back and clearly saw that the tree wasn't the brightest thing there. It was the people around it.

Thank you for reading.

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