BLOGmas day 8: Vision boarding.

I woke this morning with bags under my eyes bigger than the duffel bag I bought for the one night trip.  I was up with like minds until almost 4 am. We set out to make our own personal vision boards last night with pasta for dinner, a few snacks, and lots of wine to get us through.  We flipped through the colorful magazines, filled with pictures and articles, rarely stopping to read any words less than 20 point font. I knew this day was coming, but I hadn't thought twice about it what would go on my board.  Instead, I concerned myself with the requested 3 magazine minimum, cash to put in for dinner, and arriving on time after fighting through Friday traffic. I hadn't thought of anything special and made no progress on my brainstorming.  After watching them rip whole pages out of magazines, I asked "so what are you guys putting on your boards?" As my friend and a friend of hers explained their methodology, I nodded like a child being taught the ways of the wise.  If I had set out to this board on my own, it would have turned out very differently. We asked each other to look out for words and letters and ideas we wanted to incorporate.  As we shared concepts, some were accepted, some rejected. We all presented our vision boards to one another, well those who finished. I gleaned with pride when I saw words I had fished from the stack of magazines on someone else's finished product.  We talked about podcasts, mental health, and the music we danced to. Time passed like sand slipping through our fingers, but more pleasantly. I say all that to say, if you're going to do a vision board, don't do it alone. I also decided that it is officially time to start saying Merry Christmas to all and have a Happy New Year!  Thanks for reading and happy vision boarding!

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