Creative block. It's a thing.

Every time I sit down to write a blog I can’t collect my thoughts. This writer’s block has been a frustrating feat for the last few weeks. A day goes by. Then a week goes by. For some, months and years go by. Time just keeps ticking, adding to the pressure. I can’t help but feel like I’m slipping. In no time the fear of failure surfaces like a text from an ex.

Do you know what though? It’s okay. I’m dedicated to the cause. Writer’s block and all.

You may not be a writer though. Maybe you’re a social media influencer? Vlogger? Fellow poet? Entrepreneur? All of the above? We all get “creative block.”

So here are three tips for dealing with creative block:

1. Work on something else. Work on a piece that no one will ever have to see. Once you start showcasing your talents, there’s more pressure to perform. Sometimes that’s the source of creative blocks.

2. Do some spring cleaning. Clean your room. Wash your clothes. Dust your bookshelf. Clean out your email inbox. Delete some apps you don’t use anymore. De-clutter your space.

3. Give yourself a break. Treat yourself to a bubble bath and facial. Go out with your friends and be present. Don’t think about your next post or project, your one-year business plan, or how disappointed you are in yourself.

The pressure. The clutter. The fear. All of it at once can be paralyzing. So, a little kindness to self goes a long way. If nobody has told you lately, you are important. You are more than your talents and what you create. In all honesty, your talents suffocate when you suffocate. Take care of yourself, because nobody else will.

Be easy,


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