Halfway there.

Being that my blog is all about positivity and self-betterment, I have to do a halfway through 2019 blog.

We're half way through the year and I have on question: Are you where you wanted to be? On the radio last week, they had people calling to tell us the status of their New Years Resolutions, dead or alive edition. I wrote in my, fashionably late January 14th blog "I greeted 2019 with no demands, expectations, or plans to right all my wrongs." My only goal was to stick to weekly blogs.

Am I where I wanted to be?

No, but et me explain... I got into a car accident that scared to $#!% out of me. Being without my car for a month, not working out due to a back sprain, and having so many physical therapy appointments to rush to after work really threw me off my rhythm. In addition to trying to find my balance again, my priorities changed. I started focusing on a long-term plan for myself, career-wise and financially. Last but not least, I had a really bad falling out with one my really close friends, who reads my blog, so... awkward.

This is life! Unexpected. Inconvenient. Awkward.

Way forward

Life probably happened to you, just like it happened to me, just like it happens to all of us. Whatever you do... don't count yourself out. The year is only half-baked, it's not time to eat yet. I'm glad I'm taking this moment to re-evaluate and I hope you do too. A mile in the wrong direction is better than a marathon in the wrong direction. A marathon in the wrong direction is better than a lifetime in the wrong direction.

The reality is, we can't change what happened. We can't change what we forgot to do or didn't prioritize from January through June. However, July through December is a story yet to be written. I came up with some questions to ask yourself as you reflect on the year and move forward.

What have you accomplished in 2019? How does it feel looking at what you've accomplished so far?

What approaches did you use that were effective? What approaches weren't effective?

Where do you see yourself on January 1, 2020? Goals, habits, headspace, mentally, physically, etc.

What steps will you take to get there?

If you are really bummed about how much time you wasted the first half of the year, read a book on mindfulness. Develop some habits that keep you from spending mindless amounts of time on your phone or watching tv. Write a to-do list just for when you're bored and don't need to do the big chores like run errands or wash clothes.

If you wish you had saved more, comb through your credit card statements for 10 minutes and figure out where your money is going. Make a plan to cut one meaningless expense. For example, since I don't care for professional manicures, I started doing mine at home. I got a kit for $10, which is cheaper than just one manicure and the kit has lasted four months so far.

These are just some ideas that I've kicked around, but I hope you get a plan of action that fits you. In addition to that plan of action, you'll need some "follow through." How often will you check-in, re-read, or revise the plan? Who can you ask to hold you accountable to this plan? If you can't think of anybody, I will! New posts coming soon!

Thanks for reading,


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