Hot Girl Summer PSA

I heard the Hot Girls are getting tired. Sis, Meg said we ain't done yet.

I hope you're living your best beautiful life this summer and soaking up the sun, every second possible! I love the summer, the sun, the beach, the smiles on everyone's faces! I love all of it --when it's not hotter than fire and brimstone outside. I'm enjoying as much of it as I can and I hope you are too. This PSA is for the hot girls that didn't get the memo that we are not going into the fall with regrets. Nope, because it's not fun if you regret it later. SO here you go, take notes.

1. Work hard, play hard.  Don’t run up your credit card.

If you haven't added a category for "FUN" to your summer budget, gone head add that. Nothing about budgeting is fun, but you will not regret it when the life of your life's savings remains unthreatened by the end of the summer. Playing hard for free is also an option. Say hello to Eventbrite and Meetup for me, because that's who I've been hanging with all summer. This is not a promo, but download the Meetup app or hit up Eventbrite for events near you, that take place every day of the week, and especially on weekends. I've found everything from open mics and book releases to day parties.


2. Use Your Words

I feel like now more than ever, people are learning about consent and it's great. I wish society was different and this conversation was had long ago. Unfortunately, we can't change the past. All we can do is look forward and take back our bodies, our yes, our no, and our stop. If you get into a situation where a guy is moving faster than you want, say stop. Don't be afraid to be just as aggressive as he is about getting in your pants. If you no longer want to have sex, say stop. If you're not interested, not in the mood, or not down to... say no. If you are alone with a guy and he insists on trying to have sex with you, don't convince yourself that you have to. Leave. Go to the bathroom and call an Uber. Call a friend. Get out of there. Don't be afraid to "make a scene". Ladies, be safe this summer.

3. Stay Hydrated

A good rule of thumb: get a glass of water in, after every trip to the restroom.  Take care of yourself and most importantly, listen to your body. I know it is not the funnest thing, but it’s funner than passing out in front of strangers who may or may not catch you...awkward.  In addition to drinking water, make sure you eat fruits and vegetables which are a good source of not only water, but also vitamins and nutrients.

I hope that didn't take too long, but I think now you are ready to continue cutting all the way up. Enjoy your hot girl summer! They tried to cancel this one, we might not get another one.

Thanks for reading!

Come back next Friday for a post on flourishing in Uncuffing Season.

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