I want what she has

With social media, it is so easy to compare ourselves to others. It's easy to look around and see that your friend circle doesn't look like someone else's. It's easy to sit at home and watch everybody on social media have the time of their lives.

Earlier this year I had to get off of social media for a few months. I was just comparing myself to others way too much. It was affecting my goals and changing the direction I was moving in. I started to want to do things I never was interested in. I became restless with work. I started pursuing projects and doing research on careers that I'd never been interested in. I started to feel aimless. I was going in so many directions. Sound familiar?

So what do you do when you want what someone else has? Because that doesn't just go away. I still find myself wanting what someone else has. Perfect body, perfect work out routine, perfect hair. It happens. We're human.

So what do you?

Ask why. Keep asking why.

I think if you ask why you may find that you don't want what you think, if that makes sense. I see couples on Instagram and I get that feeling. It's not that I want someone else's boyfriend (ain't no home wreckers 'round here). I just want a meaningful relationship. I want somebody to grow with. I don't want anybody else's friends. I just want my friends to be more supportive and consistent. I don't want a "perfect body." I just want to be healthy and not out of breath after 5 minutes of running after my little cousins. I don't want be anybody but me. I just want what everyone else seems to have. Peace. Good health. Fun. Happiness.

So many people beat themselves up before they even take a minute to understand their own heart. What's wrong with wanting to be happy? What's wrong with wanting to be around a long time for your family? What's wrong with wanting a job that will give you more free time? What's wrong with wanting to be financially independent?


Let's continue this conversation next week.


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