Adrienne Houghton: Tuna fish and fruit punch.

Did anybody catch the clip of Adrienne Houghton doctoring up that tuna fish? I wanted to write her off. I wanted to say that is disgusting, but I couldn't. My curiosity got the best of me before I could. Though, I've had my fill of tuna for the week, I want to know has anybody else tried it? I know the YouTube video commentaries are coming, so I'm on hold. I can't be mad, because the "Tuna Fish and Fruit Punch" challenge sounds much safer than the "48 Hour" challenge, just my opinion.

You know what got me though? The hook was the look of bliss on her face, when she pulled out her secret ingredient. Because at first she was just mixing in the most common tuna fish salad ingredients that we all know and partially love. Then, her eyes lit up. When she got to the mixing and talking about flavors, I was probably a little too naive and too hungry at the time. I was convinced instantly that there has to be something good about tuna fish and fruit punch.

Disclaimer: I went to college and I remember le struggle was so real. I was putting things together that didn't belong together, because like young Adrienne, I didn't have the funds to fancy my palette and still don't. So this blog is dedicated to food combinations that could rock your world if you let them:

Brown rice + applesauce

Applesauce is a delicacy, but it will never get you full, not even the chunky kind. Add that unseasoned brown rice and it will get you right.

Baked Beans + spicy ramen noodles

I got this from a co-worker, but I vouch for it. Think about it, sweet beaked beans, savory ramen. That is a satisfying meal.

Baked beans + cinnamon + sugar + ground beef + white rice

Okay, this is a lot of ingredients I know, but you can eat it for a week. I wouldn't lie to ya. Shoutout to my ex-boyfriend's dad for making this me. I watched him make it and I was just like what the hell is going on? But when I tasted it, life started making sense.

Tuna + salt + pepper + peas

Don't knock it until you try it. Something about the sweetness of the peas and the tuna. This was a "what do I have in the cabinet" meal, obviously. It was the day before pay day... just wanted something in my stomach.

Caesar dressing + firecracker trail mix + lettuce

I've been eating this salad combination off and on for two weeks. I'm eating it right now.

Siracha + quesadilla

I'm new to the siracha bandwagon, but I was feeling spicy one day, so I went for it. It just works.

Way too much pepper or any seasoning really + scrambled eggs

Basic, but will change your life. Shoutout to my cousin for putting too much pepper in the eggs and playing it off. You are the real MVP, because these eggs don't even need cheese.

Dessert: Peanut butter + syrup + bread

Pronounced: pea-nuh-butta-surp sandwich. Now of all of these, this is the one you have to try. Me and my cousins used to make this at my grandma house and it is truly a delicacy.

Thank you all for reading! Tweet me you fave food combinations @KDGLSblog.

Grace and peace,


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