I can eat a whole turkey.

"What if I assigned you the task of eating a whole turkey?"

Someone asked me this once and I fumbled over the answer in my head for a few seconds. I'd have to be really hungry, I thought. I even pictured myself with a fork and knife, nervously watching as a whole smoked turkey was set before me like it was Thanksgiving. The answer they were looking for was much simpler, though I couldn't see it.

Looking at my dreams is like looking at that big fat turkey, smoked and ready to eat. Although, it doesn't take a genius to see that I can't eat a whole turkey. Not alone. Not in one sitting. Not even in one day. There lies my problem: I always want it faster. I want my five year plan to be done in three. I want my one month goals done tomorrow. I try not to let myself think things like "I need a miracle." Though it is tempting.

So, how do you eat a whole turkey? One bite at a time.

Consider this: You can heal, one wound at time. You can write a book, one page at a time. You can reach your dreams, one day at a time. You can can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. Not alone and not today. You don't need a miracle. Just take it one bite at a time.

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