Uncuffing season.

Summertime is the time to be single.  I didn’t know uncuffing season was a thing until recently, but it makes sense.  In the winter months, it’s cold. Nobody really wants to get out and enjoy the wintery weather.  A little companionship helps us through the harsh conditions of the dark months.

Then the flowers come back and everything turns back green and vibrant.  The sun comes out to play and we all lose layers of clothing. Everybody is outside all the time, looking yummy. Eye candy galore. Did I mention the yumminess? Everybody is so happy and busy. Living their best, sunkissed, lives.

I’ve been enjoying my singleness, but I think it’s especially difficult to be unhappy about being single in the summertime.  There’s too much to do. We have too many sandy beaches to cover. Too many rollercoasters to scream on.  Sun. Heat. Outside activities. I hope you are making the most of it. If not, then this post is for you. 


Here are some tips to flourishing in uncuffing season:

Bumble BFF

Go, even if you have to go alone.  People will be there. You’re a person.  Okay, I get it. If going alone is not an option, I recommend Bumble BFF.  You’re not looking for a godmother for your future children or anything, just someone you have a thing or two in common with. 

Log out, if you have to

Log out of Instagram. Unsubscribe from Hulu and Netflix.  May none of your summer evenings be filled with mindless scrolling through social media and wishing you were “there.”  


I’m always finding gems on these two platforms, whether its free events, open mics, or day parties.  Enjoy and you’re welcome!

Wear yourself out

Last but not least, wear yourself out.  Fill up your days, nights, and weekends, even if you have to spend time alone.  The summer is the PERFECT time to start, or restart, your self-love journey.  For the next couple of weeks I will be giving you tips on self-love and some ideas.

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