Us by Jordan Peele (Spoiler alert)

If you have not seen the movie Us, do not read any further. I don't want to ruin the experience for anybody. So go watch, but don't forget to come back!

If you have seen the movie, proceed.

First Thoughts

I thought this was such a good movie. It was shot and edited very well. The characters weren't typical, but they were relatable. (Dear Hollywood, take note.) I loved Winston Duke's character and Lupita did not come to play! The end blew my mind! I have no complaints about Us.

The Message

I like to interpret things myself, so I haven't been on the boards to look everyone else's theories. To each is his own understanding, right? I thought the movie had a lot of messages and I liked that. I liked that it wasn't just a scare you and keep you awake at night. That it did, but it also made you think.

Us made me think about the dynamic between the wealthy and not so wealthy. The idea that the poor live in the shadows, while the rich enjoy life is so obvious in society today. There's even a commercial where the people's faces are dollar bills and the narrator says something the effect of "big companies see us as dollar signs, not people." It's specifically referring to pharmaceutical companies (sadly), but in every other industry it's the same. The rich get richer. The poor suffer.

Unfortunately, the movie also reveals the fate of most trailblazers and revolutionaries. Some people will fight wars for rights they will never live to enjoy. They hold open a door so others can go through, but they never get to walk through themselves.

So overall, great job to the Us cast, crew, and of course, Mr. Jordan Peele. You all did an amazing job.

It's exciting to live in 2019, because now more than ever people are trying to help themselves and start their own businesses. More people want a piece of the pie and with the resources we have available, they can actually make things happen and change their own situation.

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